Yescom Heat Press Review In 2020

The Yescom 6-in-1 Digital Heat Sublimation Transfer Machine is for those who are looking for maximum durability. Yeah, I know, who doesn’t want to keep their heat press for as long as possible? 

Well, the machine has a carbon steel construction that makes it very resistant to corrosion. That way, you will be able to use it for a long time without it losing value.

Amazing, right?


  • Huge platen press – 15x15 inches
  • Thickened heating board for efficient heat distribution
  • Heat insulation gloves for protection of the user
  • The upper platen is non-stick thus preventing scorching of the transfer
  • Digital LED control for easy use


  • The directions of use are not very reliable but that’s not so much of a problem because the machine is extremely easy to use

The following are other features of the Yescom 6-in-1 Digital Heat Sublimation Transfer Machine that make it worth investing in:

Extra-large Transfer Element

The platen press measures 15 by 15 inches. That’s a large enough space for most applications and again, it makes the tasks easy to accomplish.

Swing Away Design

The swing arm features a full 360° rotation that makes the heat press not only easy to use but also safe. You don’t have to worry so much about your hands getting burned accidentally.

Non-stick Upper Platen

The upper platen, which is also the heating platen, is crafted with materials that don’t stick onto your garments. That’s very helpful in preventing scorching of clothes.

Detachable Platforms

The lower platform, the silicone pad, and the cotton pad are all removable. That makes it effortless for you to insert your garments. It also makes the cleaning process easy.

LED Controls

The machine has an LED platform for controlling the time and temperature with ease. Temperature range is between 32 and 430 °F.

Heat Insulation Gloves

This is not really a feature; it’s more of a great addition to the package and I thought you should know about it. With the free gloves, you can operate the heat press more freely and comfortably, without worrying about getting burned.

Final Thoughts

The Yescom 6-in-1 Digital Heat Sublimation Transfer Machine is a comprehensive deal. In that regard, you can use it to transfer your creative designs to caps, t-shirts, plates, mouse pads, coasters, and a full range of other materials. 

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