Pro World Heat Press Review: Is It Good or Bad?

So, you want a heat press capable of printing a wide assortment of transfers including computer-generated ones? A perfect model would be Pro World’s TransPro Heat Press.


  • Robust and built to last
  • Automatic digital controls
  • Prints a wide range of transfers even PC-generated ones
  • Awesome support
  • Easy pressure adjustment
  • thumbs-o-upBeautiful design
  • thumbs-o-upHigh versatility in application


  • Might cost a little higher than other models but the features make the product worth it

Features and Benefits:

Automatic Digital Timer

The timer and the temperature controls are digital, and not just that, they are automatic. That allows you to operate the machine while attending to other obligations.


The Pro World TransPro Heat Press is heavy duty and built to last. Everything from its body to the silicone rubber base pad, is sturdy and capable of lasting a long time.

Great Warranty

Pro World warrants that the product shall be free of defects for up to one year from the day you purchase it. In case there’s a problem, you can return the heat press and get a new one or a refund and one of the best parts to this is that the seller is known to be very responsive.

Of course, the warranty doesn’t extend to careless use of the product.

Final Verdict

If you seek a heat press that goes with your high levels of creativity, look no further; get the Pro World TransPro Heat Press. Whether you’re good with hand-drawn or PC-created designs, this heat press will do it for you.

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