Heat Press Time and Temperature: Guide and Instructions

Hello friends,

How easy do you think it is to transfer a graphic onto your garment using the heat press machine?

Some of you think it’s easy while others think it’s hard. That’s okay.

For a beginner, following a step by step guide can be pretty helpful and they can do a perfect job. But, the transfer process is not always easy for those who are just starting out.

Why? The settings for time and temperature should be perfect but achieving this can be difficult if you’re not conversant with the workings of the heat press machine.

For the transfer to be great, you’ll need to set the temperature properly and determine the degree of pressure to apply for a particular kind of material, like polyester, cotton, and so on.

Also, you ought to know when to peel out – when the heat press is hot or cold.

Does that seem overwhelming? Don’t give up yet.

I have composed a quick guide to help you transfer the designs properly without any hassles.

Before we delve into this, there’s something you should know – the material you’re printing on matters a lot. Different materials need different time and temperature.

Heat Press Time and Temperature

Follow these instructions to achieve a perfect transfer without stress:

Multi-purpose materials

Multi-purpose materials are bestsellers and can be utilized for multiple design purposes. Use these settings:

Temperature – 350 °F

Time – 10 to 12 minutes


One thing you’ve got to keep in mind about polyester is that it doesn’t like high temperature. Use these settings:

Temperature – 270 °F

Time – 10 minutes

Only peel when the heat press is hot.

Stretchy materials

Stretchy materials like swimming costume need the following settings for a perfect transfer:

Temperature – 335 °F

Time – 12 to 14 minutes

Only peel when the transfer is cold.

Full-color designs

Looking to produce a full-color design? Then you need to apply these settings:

Temperature – 350 °F

Time – 10 to 12 minutes

Peel when the transfer is hot

Vintage looks

If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a vintage look, apply the following settings:

Temperature – 350 °F

Time – 10 to 12 minutes

Peel when the transfer is still hot

High-textured designs

Printing a high-textured design but want it to glitter? If so, use these settings:

Temperature – 350 °F

Time – 15 minutes

Peel when the transfer is hot

Sweat shirts

Are you printing the design on a sweat shirt? Here are the settings to apply:

Temperature – 360 to 380 °F

Time – 10 to 13 minutes

Only peel when the transfer is still hot

Glowing in the dark

Printing a design that is supposed to glow in the dark and shine when exposed to light? Follow these settings instructions:

Temperature – 350 °F

Time – 10 to 13 minutes

Stubborn fabrics

In case you’re face with a difficult project where you’re supposed to print on stubborn fabrics or hard materials, use these settings:

Temperature – 330 °F

Time – around 15 minutes

Metallic finish

Maybe you’re looking for a metallic finish. That is, a design that will have a metallic appearance. In that case, use these settings:

Temperature – 320 °F

Time – around 20 minutes

Remove when the transfer is warm

Reflective materials

In case the material you want to print on is reflective, like a reflective jacket, here are the settings to follow to ensure a perfect transfer:

Temperature – 305 °F

Time – 10 to 12 minutes

For great results, peel out when it’s cold.

Light/dark fabrics

Now, you might be asked to do a graphic transfer on a white fabric. In that case, use these settings:

Temperature – 385 °F

Time – 25 to 30 minutes

In case the transfer you’re doing is on a dark fabric, utilize these settings:

Temperature – 365 °F

Time – 25 minutes

Consider peeling while the transfer is hot.

Final Verdict

Those guidelines should cover almost all the designs you’ll encounter in your heat pressing business.

Remember, the machine you’re using also matters if you’re looking for an excellent transfer. Also, be sure to check the user’s manual for your machine.

If you follow the instructions they’ve written there carefully, I believe everything should fall into place pretty effortlessly.

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