Who is Michael Grant? He’s this old dude. Bald. Out of shape. Kind of cranky.

If you met Michael Grant on the street you’d probably think, “Man, that old dude has got himself one giant bald head.” Then you’d probably think, “Seriously, old man: stop wearing jeans and sneakers and a black t-shirt. I mean, please, you’re embarrassing yourself.”

And if you happened to see him while he was with his family you might think, “Are those two kids his grand-kids or what? The boy looks 13, the girl maybe 10. I’ll bet instead of playing catch in the back yard he probably plays ‘find my teeth’ or something. And when you have to study the Civil War, hey, he was probably there and can remember it.”

Of course while you’re thinking all of this, Michael Grant would be thinking, “Why is that kid staring at me? It’s kind of creeping me out.”

Michael Grant was born in California. From there he’s lived pretty much everywhere in the US, plus three years in France and most of a year in Italy and the Azores. He spent most of his life being a lazy screw-up before finally deciding to be a writer. Because his wife, (K.A. Applegate) told him he had to grow up and get a career.

Since then, Michael and his wife have written roughly 150 books. No, that’s not a typo. 150. He started late, but then he worked extra hard to catch up. What can we say? He’s kind of a slow starter. Maybe he’s just not very bright, you know?

Anyway, eventually he started writing and then he and his wife had a big hit series with ANIMORPHS and then he took some time off, and then he got back to writing and wrote the GONE series. And THE MAGNIFICENT 12 series.

He says he wrote GONE to creep you out. And THE MAGNIFICENT 12 to make you laugh. Some screaming and some laughing. He wants kids laughing and screaming. He’s probably kind of messed up, when you think about it.

You can write Michael if you wish.┬áBut he’s busy and gets a lot of letters, so although he will definitely read your letter, he may not answer it. If that’s okay with you, then feel free.